09/09/2014 15:28


UNICOOP Ltda. Presented the Latin American Solidarity and Sustainable Agriculture UniSol project through Good Agricultural Practices.

  • Sustainable Agriculture

The launch was held on 03 September 2014 at which time they were representatives of Solidarity and Rural Paraguay Horizonte in Brazil, representatives of each Cooperative Authorities and the Public and Private Sector.

The areas of intervention proposed work will focus on four components: 1) Soil Conservation and Management 2) Integrated Crop Management, 3) Environmental Adjustment and Forestry Development, 4) Strengthening Administrative Farmer.

They also got to know the scope and objectives of this initiative that promotes capabilities to achieve a better performance in cooperatives farmers in the region, through the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices.

This venture will provide in the future to participate in differentiated market makers under different certification standards through a culture of sustainable production products.