07/09/2012 18:46

Agrolatina S.A.

Is a Paraguayan company created to industrialize foliar fertilizers and agrochemical adjuvants generally why they unite with the intention of joining efforts to carry out the development of the industrial project

  • Agrolatina S.A.

Unicoop is a Cooperative whose principal activity is to work alongside other associated Agro-Production Cooperatives located in different regions of the country.

In seeking the best development of its activities, Agrolatina S.A. comes in with the intent to combine efforts to develop an Industrial Project that initially entails the construction of an Industrial Plant which includes storerooms, finished goods warehouse, laboratory, all separated by independent blocks of major and minor dimensions dedicated to the formulation and processing of said goods.

Currently the industrial plant is under construction in the Department of Alto Paraná, in the city of Hernandarias, on Km. 28, at the location known as Camp Tacurú.