07/02/2017 11:45

SEAM delivers recognition plaques to the representatives of the productive sector for the support during the year 2016.

Minister of the SEAM talks with the private sector in order to assess weaknesses and improve sustainable development as a commitment to the environment at national and international levels.

The Minister Executive Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Eng. Ftal. Rolando de Barros Barreto Acha, met with representatives of various production guilds related to soy and meat commodities in the country.
De Barros Barreto, highlighted the work being developed between the private and public sector, within the framework of the Green Production Landscapes Project and the Sustainable Commodities Platform; Said that it is fundamental for an institution like the SEAM.
"You, as guilds of production, have worked as protagonists in this process; Today for the first time we are all sitting together to reach a consensus on a permanent basis. In this sense, the Platform allows us to maintain dialogue and direct contact; In order to be able to assess the weaknesses and thus improve the policies applicable to the field; Which ultimately is what we seek as SEAM. "
With these actions the SEAM seeks to generate practical tools that allow to optimize the work. In addition, as an institution we want to be close to you and to work with confidence and credibility; And that the institution can provide legal security for the productive sector to work in compliance with environmental regulations. For this, he mentioned; The reasons for all investments and actions carried out in the field are made within the framework of sustainable development, in order to be in line with what the country assumed as a commitment to the environment at the international level. He emphasized the work of cooperatives that add value to their management related to the environment.
During the meeting, award plaques were presented to the guild representatives for the work and support provided to the Green Production Landscape Project and the National Commodities Platform.
For their part, the representatives of the production guilds expressed their gratitude for having a space of conversation with the Environmental Authority. When sectors work together, the growth that can be achieved is greater and this always benefits the whole society.
They also stressed the importance of continuing with the advanced actions in the framework of the Platform and the Project and the predisposition of the sector to continue in this methodology that streamlines the work of all and strengthens the institutions that participate.
They said goodbye with a toast to wish that in 2017 this work will continue, be strengthened and establish solid foundations that can continue over time so that Paraguay develops in a sustainable way as a food producing country.