25/11/2014 16:02

SOY SUR - 1ª. Soy International Convention in Paraguay

SOY SUR, APS is an initiative of the Association of Producers of Soy, Grains and Oilseeds Paraguay. APS is an association of common good, non-profit, and industry association to which individuals and companies who share the same vision, are associated the same aims and objectives, regardless of nationality, religion, creed, opinion or political affiliation.

Mission: To promote and disseminate soybean production systems in sustainable social and economic way. Ensure increasing volumes of production and exportable surpluses, to meet growing global demand and increased food consumption. Within a framework of respect and balance with the environment and the new urban social environment. Vision: the world has produced in the last decade the greatest population increase of its middle class in history. The time it took him to England to incorporate its rural population to urban world, 100 years, and the United States, 75 years, China has taken only 30 years to complete this process of passage from rural to urban. The improvement in the purchasing power of large swathes of the world population hits immediately in increased food intake and to meet this increased demand, we have witnessed in the last decade to further growth in soybean production in South America. In the case of Paraguay, placing in the soy heart of the region, has been the fastest growing country (100%) of its production of soybeans, entering this year as an exporter of soybeans in the analysis prepared Offer & World Demand USDA (US Department of Agriculture US) Generate a field of analysis and discussion among key members of the "Value Chain Soy" his perspective, opportunities and challenges for the next decade, presenting the latest technological, productive innovations, market trends, the impact of new biotech events, the role of the producer in the future, the economic and social importance of the crop, and the needs of global demand. We intend to convey to our mission as a public urban food producers, our commitment as a rural society to ensure sustainable growth in production and ensure food for our future generations.