07/02/2017 11:01

Launch of the Green Bag Project

The National Central of Cooperatives UNICOOP through the Environmental Committee socialized on Tuesday, November 22 the project called Bolsa Verde, which seeks the implementation of sustainable production with a strong emphasis on environmental care, the application of good Agricultural practices and the need to produce certified biomass in order to contribute to mitigating the impact of agricultural production on natural resources, population and climate change.

The project involves the Cooperatives of the Central and 3 Cooperatives of the area.
It includes among its specific objectives, to raise awareness and train the different actors in the need to implement sustainable and responsible production systems, in addition to supporting producers in the professionalization, developing their capacity to use best practices of production and management of their farms, Also promote the implementation of forestry systems, promote compliance with legal requirements, provide raw materials for sustainable production to investors and manufacturing companies, support the fulfillment of the socio-environmental responsibility of companies and issue a document that supports the implementation of production sustainable.
The outstanding organization was in charge of the Unicoop that managed to summon several companies and authorities of the sector.
Adding to Bolsa Verde means being protagonists in the construction of a "sustainable production", friendly to the environment and committed to society.