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Manual Best Management Practices and Financial

The agricultural company is a production unit
which aims to maximize profits.
To achieve its objectives the combination is needed
production factors: EARTH - CAPITAL
Earth resources, capital and labor, can not
produce for themselves: ex. The land can not
produced without the contribution of labor and capital. Is
where the main function of the entrepreneur is,
since in this sense, the producer has
the task of combining the factors in proportions
appropriate (according to availability
each) and assume the risks of
Regarding the environment, there is now a
great need for structural changes in all
sectors of the economy. But nevertheless,
This need is most felt in the rural sector.
Structure changes in this sector have
relation to the institutional aspects such
such as land tenure, credit, production,
tax compliance and marketing
of agricultural products.
Many of these changes are made well
either by the initiative of farmers
or promoted through legislation
the benefits, by their own agencies or
other means that would allow the government. Others
They are made by the state, through
changes in the public sector that affect
economic, social and political environment in which
agriculture develops.
Under the project UniSol this Manual
It aims to provide the producer
agricultural the essentials of Good
Agricultural practices, which will be the main
tools development and growth.

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