UNICOOP Partner Enterprises

The National Cooperative Union UNICOOP constantly acts parallel with several other companies and cooperatives that deal with sectors such as insurance, fuel, utilities, finance and agricultural technology.

UNICOOP ventures

Unicoop constantly works and invests with partner companies such as: Fábrica Formuladora de Agroquímicos in conjunction with Agrolatina S.A. Another venture is the enterprise created in Brazil by Paraguayan importers and exporters called Unexpa Ltd. Furthermore ACIC S.A. is dedicated to improving genetics and swine production strains.

UNICOOP Products

Unicoop, alongside other agricultural companies develop products for producing partners. Products like Golden Coop Oil, an emulsional vegetable oil and Pilatus Fungicide, both products of UNICOOP.



SEAM delivers recognition plaques to the representatives of the productive sector for the support during the year 2016.

Minister of the SEAM talks with the private sector in order to assess weaknesses and improve sustainable development as a commitment to the environment at national and international levels.


Launch of the Green Bag Project

The National Central of Cooperatives UNICOOP through the Environmental Committee socialized on Tuesday, November 22 the project called Bolsa Verde, which seeks the implementation of sustainable production with a strong emphasis on environmental care, the application of good Agricultural practices and the need to produce certified biomass in order to contribute to mitigating the impact of agricultural production on natural resources, population and climate change.


Event of launching of products of Marca Produquimica

Unicoop seeks the introduction of new alternatives, through the production and industrialization that allow to increase the added value of the products of its associates. In this way we discover a company with more than 50 years of experience in knowledge, research and development in high technology of plant nutrition, PRODUQUIMICA AGRO, whose alliance and representation we all celebrate today in this event. This means that we are facing a new commercial stage through the acquisition of new representations of products, this way we will be providing cooperatives with innovative and high technology products that will make the difference in the field and consequently increasing the production capacity . With the alliance UNICOOP and PRODUQUIMICA we will be transmitting to the farmers all the knowledge in research, technology, production potential and the differential of work developed by this company of trajectory.


Global Grain South American 2016.

Paraguay in this event was represented by our managers Unicoop, Unexpa and Cooperatives of the productive sector.


Green Manures - Benefits of use.

Green manures - Benefits of use: Features to be met. Its use as ground cover for direct seeding. Which green manure plant in Autumn and Winter. Which green manure plant in Spring and Summer.


It is possible to produce soy reducing the use of agrochemicals.

A producer of Santa Fe Parana, share with producers through UNISOL, the experience gained using the acid Pyro ligneous in soybean cultivation.


SOY SUR - 1ª. Soy International Convention in Paraguay

SOY SUR, APS is an initiative of the Association of Producers of Soy, Grains and Oilseeds Paraguay. APS is an association of common good, non-profit, and industry association to which individuals and companies who share the same vision, are associated the same aims and objectives, regardless of nationality, religion, creed, opinion or political affiliation.


Coop. Agraria - Travel on 10.30.14, the Youth Network Unicoop.

Purpose of Travel: understand the functioning of an industrial cooperative and share related cooperative world knowledge, exchange experiences among young people who are mostly children of farmers.


Presentation of products in field days - Produquimica

Unicoop present in Experimental Field Day
Cooperative Raul Peña,
Cooperativa La Paz,
Somerfeld Cooperative,
Cooperativa Pirapo
In these events we counted on the participation of several producers, occasion in which they promoted exhibition and demonstration of products of the mark PRODUQUIMICA.

Green Bag

Green Bag aims to promote agricultural and forestry production,
Incorporating socio-environmental and economic aspects through participation and
Cooperation of all the sectors involved in the supply chain, in order to
Guarantee production over time, according to sustainable production standards
Required in the main markets.
With 4 strategic axes oriented to achieve the:
- Definition of the "National Sustainable Production Standard"
- Implementation of a "National Seal of Sustainable Production"
- Implementation of "Agricultural practices associated with the National Standard"
- Production and sustainable supply of "Biomass"
Bolsa Verde intends:
- facilitate the business to all those involved in the chain
- improve the grain business by generating added value
- making visible, recognizing and rewarding the actors linked to the chain that
Implement and collaborate with sustainable production
- international recognition of the differentiated quality of Paraguayan grains
- improving social conditions linked to production
- generate positive effects and contributions with the micro-environment
This model of projection and sustainable growth requires initiatives that involve
All sectors.
In economic or productive terms, the introduction of sustainable production systems
Requires "investment", starting with the first link, the producers. Likewise,
Requires investment in social and environmental issues; And that is why the Green Bag initiative needs
The support of all sectors:
- Public and private institutions
- Companies transforming raw material
- Suppliers of inputs and services to the sector
- International organizations whose development priorities
the pillars
- NGOs committed to the environment and civil society
This is the time to point and consolidate different production systems for the
Cost effective, environmentally sustainable and socially transformative.

ABITRIGO 23rd International Wheat Congress

We highlight the participation of Unicoop and Unespa representing Paraguay in this congress that brings the theme:

New Game, New Rules of this edition of the congress will highlight the adjustment in the cereal chain ongoing reference to the policies of a new time of national economy. The milling industry is mobilized to fight for reducing the cost and Brazil closer to the debate on a new regulatory framework, quality and wheat health conditions and the demands of healthiness of an increasingly demanding consumer. The event will bring together executives and entrepreneurs of the main sectors involved in the production, milling and cereal derivatives.


XV Meeting of the Youth Network Cooperative of the Southern Cone

XV Meeting of the Youth Network Cooperative of the Southern Cone, held in the city of Rafaela and San Justo Argentina in August 2016.
The Youth Network Cooperative production Paraguay presented the results of non-campaign just throw, you have to separate it executed during the year, involving 25 schools, colleges and institutes near each cooperative areas, reaching 1,391 children and young people trained.
Congratulations for the initiative !!!. 

Unicoop Participation in the XII Annual Meeting of the Network of Women Parliamentarians.

Highlight of la nuestra praticipación President, la Señora Simona Cavazzutti en la ASAMBLEA XIII GENERAL DE LA Parliamentary Confederation DE LAS AMERICAS.

Unisol - Unicoop & Solidaridad

Training Course for Administrative Unicoop team, sponsored by Solidarity Unisol under the project.
Made in Asuncion.


To be held in the Hall events Coop. COOPEDUC Ltda., In Apt. Guaira.


UNICOOP Ltda. Presented the Latin American Solidarity and Sustainable Agriculture UniSol project through Good Agricultural Practices.

XIII Meeting of the Southern Cone

The Youth Network Production Cooperatives of Paraguay, organized on: XIII Meeting of the Network of Young Rural Cooperative of the Southern Cone, which was held on 7, 8 and 9 August 2014, in Santa Rita, Paraguay, in the hall of Unicoop Ltda., in that meeting were representatives of youth Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

Wheat Field Day

The Nikkei CETAPAR Foundation is pleased to invite you to participate in the Wheat Field Day 2014.   Date and Time: August 27 from 08: 00hs   In the event the participating companies and product lines exhibit some results of interest to the sector. In addition, technicians will be presenting CETAPAR test results performed at the institution.

Firma del convenio Unicoop y Gobierno Paraguayo




New Unicoop facilities.

This will be the new headquarters of Unicoop Ltd.

In this place we will have a brand new shopping center, where we will have several areas of trade, financial, gastronomic and laser.

Aiming thus gather in one place all that society needs to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere for the family and also to do their business.

Shortly we will be inaugurating the facilities .

UNEXPA - Paraguayan Exporters Union

UNEXPA is a strategic alliance between national companies focused on logistics and commercial developments.

He was born due to the need to provide integrated transport logistics to Paraguayan exporters, adding value by reducing costs, ensuring quality certified products, expanding access to markets and contacting potential buyers.

Agrolatina S.A.

Is a Paraguayan company created to industrialize foliar fertilizers and agrochemical adjuvants generally why they unite with the intention of joining efforts to carry out the development of the industrial project.

Unicoop is a Cooperative whose principal activity is to work alongside other associated Agro-Production Cooperatives located in different regions of the country.